For the last couple years, the development of online shopping reached at an unprecedented speed. No matter which online shopping platform you make a purchase in, or what you buy, it is always been a struggle for customers when it comes to the shipping.

One thing not all the customers are aware of, it that each parcel is assigned with an unique tracking number, which allows parcel to be tracked via either the courier’s website or other special platforms. One of the platform available for order tracking is 1Tracking (, a website designated for order tracking.

1Tracking is capable of recognizing different couriers by the tracking number, while giving real-time feedback on the process of that parcel. It provides access for parcel tracking to over 170 couriers worldwide.

It also supports:

  1. Multiple order tracking
  2. Courier auto-recognizing
  3. Order status duplicating
  4. Order status updating via email notification
  5. Invalid order number filtering

Enter 1tracking for free and enjoy all what it is capable of

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