Due to its simplicity and healthy attributes, fried eggs are incredibly popular as a food. As a great breakfast staple, Let’s learn how to fry like a champ with our handy guide that covers 4 quick steps.

Choose the right skillet

A nonstick skillet or a well-seasoned cast iron skillet is ideal so that sticking is never an issue. If you’d rather use a stainless steel or enamel-coated pan, just use an extra pat of butter.

In terms of size, use an 8-inch skillet for a single egg, a larger 12-inch is better if you’re cooking brunch for a crowd.

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Appropriate temperature

A nice, steady medium heat is perfect. Be careful: if the pan is too hot, the bottom will be cooked while the yolk will still be liquid.

If the pan is cool, it will take even longer to cook the egg. The pan should be just hot enough that you can see a little bubble when the egg hits the skillet.

Cook the top of the egg

Runny yolks are great, but runny whites? Nobody enjoys them!

Cover the pan partway through cooking and let the trapped heat and steam gently cook the top or flip the egg over to fry the top and make a delicious over-easy egg.

Cooking time

It depends on personal preference.

The egg white will set in a few minutes, particularly if you cover the pan for one minute or two.

But if you like yolk more firmly set, just continue cooking. Gently poke the yolk with your finger every so often to gauge how things are coming along.

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