Since the improvement of imaging technique, the demand for selfie tools has become increasingly diverse. It’s supposed to be convenient, of higher resolution, but not stereotyped. Thus, the Xiaomo AI Camera makes its debuts, as a new AI camera with smart gesture recognition.

xiaomo ai camera

Design & Appearance

  • Fashionable, lightweight and portable
  • 360°rotary base, multi-angle adjustable body

It features a pocket size and weight no different from your mobile phone to carry around. Utilizing the PC/ABS material, it achieves its abrasion resistance.

The magnetic induction of 3300Gs strength can easily absorb any iron objects. Meanwhile, the rear-mounted PU glue can be attached to the surface of any smooth and firm object.

xiaomo ai camera-1

As mentioned above, the 360°rotary base gets rid of the shackles of the traditional lens and helps to take more creative, stereoscopic and interesting photos.

Xiaomo AI Camera


  • Intelligent gesture recognition shooting
  • Wi-fi connection and shooting modes switching
  • Facial beauty multifunction
  • 13mp, PDAF phase focusing

There is no need to press the shutter button manually or take a picture countdown. A gesture can easily control the camera. Stretch your palm towards the camera, then make a fist to complete the shooting action.

Wi-Fi connection is available to switch the shooting modes. Preview and download your photos synchronously after connecting to the Xiaomo camera app. The facial beauty makes a dynamic adjustment to effectively avoid dark skin and increase smoothness.

The tempered glass lens and anti-fingerprint present the real color. Together with this, the professional phase focusing technology captures your every great moment.


TypeSports Camera
Lens Diameterf2.2
CPUQuad Core Cortes A53 Processor, 1.35GHz
StorageBuilt-in 8G ROM, Support 8G/16G/32G micro SD
Max Resolution4160*2340, Video [email protected]
Battery Capacity (mAh)910mAh  Li-ion Battery
Product weight65g
Product size (L x W x H)47*47*27mm

Pros & Cons

  • Gesture control shooting

  • 360° degree free rotation

  • Magnetic and glue absorbed

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Smart Beauty Shot

  • Slow response of recognition

  • Night shot instability


Generally, Xiaomo AI Camera features a set of functions and costs an affordable price. With easy operation, it comes with the ergonomic design suitable for selfie for fun wherever. However, the project began in 2016, so the imaging technology is slightly lacking, and the gesture recognition function will be slow after all. In the process of photographing, it needs to pause for 1-2 seconds as the camera’s recognition buffer.

Xiaomo AI Camera-1
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