With the development of the gaming industry, specifically cellphone gaming, smart phone manufacturers seize the opportunity to create and expand a new market aiming for an optimized cell phone gaming experience. Hence, the creation of gaming phones.


Black Shark, one of the flagship and leading models in this market, of which developed by Xiaomi, maintains it’s high quality at a reasonable price like Xiaomi always does.

Black Shark


Before getting into details, let’s get some general idea of what this phone looks like, and why it can be called a phone for gaming.

Close bezel-less screen design, with a very narrow bezel at the bottom of the phone for home button with fingerprint recognition, and the top for camera and audio receiver.

Black Shark

Modern, unique, sports car looking appearance, together with ladder-look-like back, not just a statement of it’s specialty, but also an thoughtful gesture in order to make Black Shark to fit the best for gamer.

Black Shark


CPUQualcomm Snapdragon 845 Octa Core 2.8GHz
Storage Option6GB RAM/8GB RAM, 64GB/128GB Storage
Cameras20.0MP + 12.0MP rear cameras and 20.0MP front camera

One thing you might notice right away is the processor. The most up-to-date Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. As the descendant of the Snapdragon 835, which powered most of Android top list phones for the last year, Snapdragon 845, was promised with a 25% boost compare to Snapdragon 845.

Black Shark, being one of the very few phones powered by this processor for now, is considered to be extremely competitive for it’s lower price compare to other phones.

Black Shark

More than just it’s powerful processor alone, as a gaming phone, Black Shark comes with it’s own build-in liquid cooling system for the very first time in order to prevent Black Shark from the possibility of being over-heated while using.

A cheery on top of Black Shark’s specs chart, maximum 8GB of RAM provides a strong support for fast and smooth operating.

Branding as one top notch gaming phone, a good screen is required. Black Shark comes with a 5.99in large screen by the ratio of 18:9, the advanced ratio for gaming.

4,000 mAh of battery, slightly below the expectation as a gaming phone, but a lot above the average battery capacity for smart phones.

Camera wise, despite being a gaming phone, Black Shark finds a way to provide a quite satisfying camera quality. 12MP plus 20MP dual rear cameras and 20MP front camera enable users to enjoy wonderful image quality.


Besides the phone itself, Black Shark comes with an analog stick. It can be installed on top of the phone, connecting the phone via Bluetooth.

The main purpose for this stick, not just to create an authentic gaming experience, but also prevent the contact between hands and the phone, in case of overheating.

Black Shark


Being part of the Xiaomi family, Black Shark does it’s best performance not only just as a gaming phone, but also a powerful smart phone that meets user’s needs.