Chuwi is a brand that has gained a lot of respectable recognition lately thanks to the great products it has been developing. High quality tablets and laptops at extremely competitive prices are the main offerings from Chuwi, and now the brand has decided to enter the gaming market as well. With the Chuwi Hipad, Chuwi is introducing a “cut-to-the-chase” approach to gaming tablets, focusing on the most essential requirements to run all the most demanding games, while keeping it all functional, but cutting on redundant extras that would do nothing to performance but increase the price tag. If you’re looking for a new tablet to play Fortnite, PUBG, or any other game you love, read on…


When it comes to design, Chuwi clearly decided to follow the “rules” when it comes to dedicated gaming devices. Meaning, you will find red lines in the back of the Chuwi Hipad in the same vein as you can find in gaming devices from other brands. Far from being a shameless copycat, this kind of aesthetics have indeed become kind of a mainstay for devices of this kind among many different brands, and therefore, it becomes a reasonable and logical design decision to follow suit as well, even if not totally original. Still, the Chuwi Hipad keeps it classy and subtle, with a thin full metal body with smooth round corners for easy handling.

The 10.1 inch FHD full laminated display really stands-out in the dark body of the tablet, allowing bright colors and high definition to shine all the way!


Display10.1in IPS FHD
CPUHelio X27 Deca-Core 2.6GHz
RAM and Memory3GB RAM/32GB Storage (Micro SD Expandable)
OSAndroid 8 Oreo

Specs are particularly important when it comes to gaming devices. Gamers are (in)famously demanding when it comes to their expectations, and Chuwi played it smart with the Hipad. Instead of going all out with top specs in all aspects that would push the price tag to prohibitive values, Chuwi instead built a gaming tablet that can perfectly play any game currently available in the market and be at the same time a practical option for any other kind of user as well.

The Helio X27 Deca-core CPU (that’s 10 processing cores) is the central point of performance for the Chuwi Hipad. Not only is it extremely powerful, it is also smart in how it uses its power. Having 10 cores, the Helio X27 will manage processing power according to the user’s usage. In other words, if you’re just browsing Facebook, the X27 will only use a sufficient amount of cores to keep things going, while keeping the others in “rest” mode, and if you’re playing a graphically demanding game, it will automatically engage all its power! This way, not only is performance constantly optimized, but battery life also gets a win.

Speaking of battery, 7000mAh is a huge amount of energy that will allow you to play games in max-settings for hours without having to recharge! Besides, the 3GB of RAM will allow the Chuwi Hipad to always run smoothly, and the 32GB of storage plus expandable memory can guarantee you will never run out of space for all your content.


When measuring the price, performance and design, it’s hard not to see the value in the Chuwi Hipad. It really looks great, can run any game or app you throw at it, and once you buy it, you will still have spare money to actually spend in games! Click the button below to learn more about one of the best gaming tablets you can own right now…