Deepoon E3 Virtual Reality Headset is a cost-effective PC-Driven VR headsets for PC gamers. E3-B is its basic edition. With a high resolution display, comfortable straps and a good user experience, this VR headset perfectly fits the needs of people who are prefer to enjoy fantastic 3D IMAX effects and 3D realistic exciting games to get immersive experience. Now, let’s take a look at it.


The Deepoon E3 VR headset comes in a black and white carton box which looks slightly big. Deepoon also recommends three VR application on the bottom of its package. Inside the box, you can see the E3 headset, an audio cable, a 3-in-1 cable, a cleaning cloth for the lenses, and an instruction manual.

Deepoon E3B Virtual Reality Headset Deepoon E3B Virtual Reality Headset Deepoon E3B Virtual Reality Headset


The Deepoon E3 has a simple and nice design, though not very impressive. It has a white hard plastic case and adjustable head band, as well as a strap that go over the top of the head. The Deepoon E3 weights just 297g and obeys ergonomics concepts, plus the material used is very soft, it stretches to fit quite tightly around your head and let you feel comfortable. Moreover, Deepoon applies special material to the part touching nose which protects the nose from hurting. Deepoon also has taken people who is short sighted into consideration when designing this headset. Thus, they reserved space for glasses.

Deepoon E3B Virtual Reality Headset

There is a blue indicator on the front of the DPVR E3 that indicates when the device is active. There are no buttons or controls on the headset. Upper the lenses case, there is a built-in 3.5mm headphone jack and a jack for the 3-in-1 cable.


Inside the E3 VR headset, there is mainly the 2.5K Amoled soft eye-protective screen which reduces 97.3% harmful blue light than the regular LCD screen. With sensors, it provides seated / stationary VR experiences. As for PC requirements, it’s recommended a fourth generation i5 or better, Nvidia GTX 970 or better and 4 GB of Ram.

Here are main specs of the Deepoon E3:

Screen size5.7″ (diagonal)
Screen technologySamsung Amoled
Resolution2560 x 1440 px (QHD) /per eye
FOV110 degrees
SensorsMagnetometer, 3 degrees of freedom
ControllerAny PC compatible gamepad
IPD AdjustmentNo
Focus AdjustmentNo
Smartphone Compatibility5.0 – 5.7 inch
Deepoon E3B Virtual Reality Headset - parts


As mentioned above, the Deepoon E3 offers a comfortable wearing experience. Now, we talk about the experience in using. To use the Deepoon E3, DPNAssistant is required. Visit (website: to download the latest DPNAssistant version for E3.

Deepoon E3B Virtual Reality Headset - software

The E3 has a 3-in-1 cable which includes one HDMI cable and two USB 2.0 cables. Connect it to your PC, then move on to use the DPNAssistant. On the left menu of the DPNAssistant, you can find several functions for users, mainly including:

  • Hot: Home screen, popular games and videos recommendation
  • Game: Lists of some compatible games
  • Video: Provides some 3D and 360 video content
  • Equipment: Manage your DPVR E3 headset
  • Setup: Upgrade the DPNAssistant sofrware, get support
  • User Center: View/manage games installed by DPNAssistant

The DPNAssistant offers various resources for you that meets all kinds of your demands. With the benefits of Amoled display, Fresnel optical lens, and good wearing experience, it provides great experience in gaming and watching 3D and 360 video content, although it is just a headset with just 3 degrees of freedom. If you can’t got DPNAssistant, VRonline and SteamVR are also available for you to get the resources.


This is a basic version of the Deepoon E3. Overall, it has a good upgrade in both design and experience compared to its predecessor E2 and other Chinese VR headsets. As for price, it costs around $250.00 and available at $239.99 on thanks to the flash sale campaign.

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