Many Chinese online stores, like GearBest, offer all types of E-Cigarettes, E-liquid, and other vapor accessories with great quality and cheap prices for you to choose. However, E-cigarettes are still a topic of high level controversy around the world. Australia is one of the countries with strict laws on this and that varies between different states. Thus, there are things you should know before purchase E-cigs from Chinese online shop.

Can I Import E-cigs and E-liquids from Oversea?

For personal use, people in Australia can order E-cigarettes and E-liquids (without or with nicotine) from on-line shops oversea, unless the state law bans (e.g. in Queensland, importing nicotine for personal use is illegal). But make sure that the nicotine E-cigs and E-liquids don’t make any therapeutic claims. In general, people are allowed to import up to 3 months supply of nicotine E-liquid at any one time. Total quantity of orders imported, must not exceed 15 months supply within one year. If product value is less than AU$ 1000 then import is free from duty, sales and processing fee.

Which Parameters Should Be Concerned?

Original Dovpo ROGUE 100W Box ModThere are many online shops that offer E-cigarettes with a variety of types. In addition to selecting a proper type of E-cigarettes according to personal preference, like rechargeable or disposable, it’s also necessary to know what defines good quality. In general, there are certain features and parameters that defines the quality standard of an E-cigarette.

  • Cartridge Puffs
  • Cartridge Capacity (ml)
  • Child-proof spring switch
  • Body material
  • Mouthpiece material
  • LED
  • Charger type
  • Battery Capacity
  • Weight
  • Working voltage

E liquid Vape Juice E JuiceSEVEN Blueberry Flavor E-juiceE-liquid, also called E-juice, refers to the “active substance” in the E-cigarettes. According to the material it contains, E-liquid is usually divided into the following types:

  • Propylene glycol
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Nicotine
  • Flavorings

Where to Buy?

You can easily find E-cigarettes via big shopping platforms like AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, etc. But products there vary in quality. If you are looking for high-quality at affordable prices, GearBest may be your best choice. On, you can find thousands of the latest and the best E-cigarette or e-vape, as well as vapor mods, vapor atomizers, vapor kits, e-liquids, vapor accessories, vapor batteries, and so on.

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