On the buzz of the smart bracelet, Lenovo has launched the Lenovo HX03F, with a follow-up upgraded version Lenovo HX06. Each has its own merits. Both of them are your decent fitness partners, but what’s the novelty and upgrading to facilitate your life? Let’s get a general understanding from a spec sheet below.

Lenovo HX03F & HX06 Smart Bracelet

Left: HX06, Right: HX03F

Spec Sheet

HX06 HX03F
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 4.2 Bluetooth 4.2
Screen Type OLED, Touch Screen TFT, Touch Screen
Compatability Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0 and above Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0 and above
Call reminder,SMS Reminding Yes Yes
Built-in USB plug Yes Yes
Pedometer Yes Yes
Heart rate Yes Yes
Waterproof Yes Yes
Battery 60mAh 100mAh,Polymer lithium battery
Dimensions (L*W*H) 29.50 x 1.93 x 1.14 cm 23.50 x 1.80 x 1.70 cm
Weight (g) 18 22


  • Bezel-less Display, IP68 Waterproof Housing Outdoor Design, Detachable Band

Similarity: HX06 and HX03F feature the bilateral detachable bands with USB plug, namely, they support direct charging. The waterproof function makes it ideal for sports enthusiasts to do exercise with ease and verve, without worrying about the rainy day.

Difference: Distinctively, HX03F and HX06 are quite different in the display. HX06 boasts a 0.87-inch touch LED screen while HX03F has a TFT touchscreen.

TFT is a backlit light emitting light, while OLED is active emitting light. Therefore, OLED has an advantage in thickness and color field. OLED has the outstanding image quality advantages but also can achieve curly, transparent, folded, the ultimate lightweight design.

Lenovo HX03F & HX06 Smart Bracelet 2
Lenovo HX03F & HX06 Smart Bracelet 3
Lenovo HX03F & HX06 Smart Bracelet 4

Left: HX03F, Right: HX06

  • Heart Rate Monitoring

Furthermore, HX03F & HX06 come with an ergonomic design that measures heart rate, including manual testing, static heart rate, dynamic heart rate. To remind you to care your body, it detects your body at any time and helps to achieve the scientific and perfect exercise effect.

Lenovo HX03F Smart Bracelet
  • HX06- Various Color Choices
Lenovo HX06 Smart Bracelet


  • Waterproof for daily use at ease.
  • Reminder for calls, SMS, notifications, sedentary time.
  • Versatile fitness tracker: keep track of your exercise, sleep, step walk, distance calculation and calories.
  • Lenovo Healthy App supported.

In case of missing important calls, the band will remind you the incoming call or message by gently shaking and showing the number.

Lenovo HX03F Smart Bracelet pic2

Presumably, you don’t want to sit too long at the office. But you just often ignore the necessity to exercise. From now on, Lenovo HX03F or HX06 is your fitness partner to remind you to stand up and then do sports when the sedentary time exceeds the setting time.

In addition, in case you hang around or start some sports, the smart bracelet is ready to quantify the daily exercise goals. After that, it supervises your own motion, with adjustment to the best physical condition.

Lenovo HX03F Smart Bracelet PIC3

Due to the Lenovo Healthy APP supporting, so your sports data can be easily shared on the third-party platform, such as Wechat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Lenovo HX06 Smart Bracelet pic2
  •  HX06 – Anti sleep mode

The smart bracelet HX06 will vibrate in case of your fatigue driving. To some extent, it’s not only your fitness assistant but also your security keeper.

Lenovo HX06 Smart Bracelet pic3


There is a nice distinction between the two smart bracelets Lenovo HX03F & HX06. HX03F & HX06 boast a series of the excellent functions while HX06 costs a more affordable price. Both of them are your sound choices to lead a healthier and intelligent life.

Lenovo HX03F
Lenovo HX06