Oclean is a brand of oral care products including smart toothbrushes. Its first toothbrush ‘Oclean One‘ which features a variety of technological innovations has been a great success in the market. Recently, Oclean has released a new version called Oclean SE which is considered as a budget alternative to the Oclean One. Is the newly-released Oclean SE worth buying? Let’s take a look at it.


Oclean removes the outer white box that is used in Oclean One package this time. The Oclean SE arrives only in a uni-body crystal travel case. The case is compact, but still a bit bigger than I expected.  The uni-body case can be opened both top and bottom sides with a design of transparent covers. On the top side, the Oclean SE toothbrush is located there; While on the bottom side, there is the the USB quick-charging magnetic base. Besides, Oclean add many details to make it more user-friendly. For example, they add a groove on the side of the cover for easy opening; there is a pull-out design to help take out the toothbrush easily, ect. Compared to the Oclean One, the package is more simple but more portable, very suitable for travelers.

Oclean SE


At the first glance,  the Oclean SE is almost the same as the Oclean One. But with a detailed look, there are some slight differences. The Oclean SE is a bit shorter and has a larger diameter than Oclean One. In addition, the SE is more simple because there is no stainless steel rings surrounded the button and bottom on SE. At the bottom, we can see the same magnetic design but without speaker. The brush head of Oclean SE is also a bit different from Oclean One that we will explain in the below section.

Oclean SEOclean SE

When press the main button, the SE toothbrush is on, and you can see the indicated light light up. In general, the default mode is the level 1 intensity, which indicates with one dot lighting up below the button. The Oclean One supports four cleanness grades and various customized plans to meet all the demands of users.

As for color options. The Olcean SE is now only available in White color.

Oclean SE

Brush Head

As mentioned above, the brush head of the SE is different with the Oclean One. The Oclean SE uses Dupont 0.4cm comfortable brush head with premium DuPont Bristles and designed in wave-shape to ensure a full-ranged healthy cleaning. While Oclean One uses Pedex diamond, Pedex reminder, and DuPont Tynex Brilliance Pro bristles, which are diamond shaped to allow for a deeper clean, while maintaining a comfortable feel. Besides, there is no food-grade pacifier TPE material on the rear of the brush head, thus, it can’t support to clean the coated tongue.

Oclean SE

Battery Life

Both Oclean SE and Oclean One have the battery of 2600mAh capacity, which can support up to 60 days of use. Battery is charged via the magnetic fast charging base. But for charge time, the Oclean One just needs 3.5 hours, which is outperformed the SE that needs 6 hours.

Oclean SE

User Experience

The grip feeling of the SE is ergonomic and good. All operations are controlled by the button. User can download the APP by scanning the RQ code on package or user manual to get more further operation or data of oral care. The UI of the Oclean APP is simple and easy to use. Login and open the Bluetooth to connect the toothbrush. Then you can find three main menu at the bottom. From left to right, respectively are Plan, Home, Me. In the Plan section, Oclean is considerate to offer hundreds of customized solutions and gives smart recommendation according to your teeth condition. Home section is a daily record of your teeth brushing performance. Oclean SE will record your brushing level and brushing time, then gives a score to show the performance. In addition, you can see the bristle lifetime at the bottom left corner and check all your records from the calendar at left upper corner. The Me Section is the User Center which includes shop, basic knowledge of oral care and device, FAQs, and so on.

Oclean SE app
Oclean SE app
Oclean SE app

For people who is the first time to use electric toothbrush, the most impressive feature is that it supports cleaning process varying from 276K to 40K vibrations per minute thanks to its high-efficiency magnetic levitation BLDC motor. This allows you to readjust the intensity of vibrations to meet your requirement. Besides, the Oclean SE Sonic Electrical Toothbrush supports 270gf.cm strong torque output as well as 5.5mm swing range.

Pros & Cons

  • Unibody case package & Nice design
  • Latest Dupon bristle

  • APP control with Bluetooth function

  • 100+ customized solution

  • Variable Frequency Sonic Motor

  • IPX7 Waterproof Rating

  • 60 days battery life

  • Affordable price

  • Only White color

  • Charge time 6 hours

  • No speaker


ModelOclean SEOclean One
Frequency40000rpm / min42000rpm / min
Twisting Force270gf.cm280gf.cm
Swing Range5.5mm5.5mm
Standby Time60 days60 days
2min ReminderCustomizedCustomized
Charge WayMagnetic Fast ChargeMagnetic Fast Charge
Charge Time6 hrs3.5 hrs
Battery Capacity2600mAh2600mAh
Smart Gesture IdentificationYESYES
Cleaning ModeInfinite
Programs: 3 Mode x 4 Cleaness
Programs: 3 Mode x 4 Cleaness
Features/Smart Sound
PackageMagnetic Charge base, uni-body storage caseMagnetic Charge base, crystal travel case


As a conclusion to this review, the Oclean SE is really a cost-effective sonic electrical toothbrush. At around $50, it has a nice design and multifunctional features. With a variable frequency sonic motor, it supports 27600 to 40000rpm, flexible to adapt in all kinds of teeth conditions.

Where to Buy

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