Rugged phones are the kind of smartphones you can take anywhere you want without having to worry about breaking them. Resistant to shock, dust, water, scratch and a lot of other “adventurous” features are usually to be expected from rugged smartphones. The Ulefone Armor 5 however, brings more to the table: elegance and performance. Introducing the first ever rugged smartphone with a full-screen display with notch on top, the Ulefone Armor 5 is a rugged phone that not only works great, but looks good as well!


Design is exactly where the Ulefone Armor 5 stands out. Rugged phones are traditionally bulky and not particularly attractive, but the Armor 5 changes all that! With a very sleek and sophisticated design, the Ulefone Armor 5 brings the best of two worlds together: the strength of a rugged smartphone together with the aesthetics of a modern urban Android device.

The metal body perfectly wraps around the 5.85 inch HD notch screen, with all rugged elements making sure that this is a smartphone ready for any conditions!


Display5.85 inch HD Corning Gorilla Glass 4
CPUMTK6763 2.0GHz Octa-Core
RAM and Memory4GB RAM/64GB Storage (Micro SD Expandable)
CamerasRear Dual Camera 16MP+5MP / Front Camera 13MP

The Ulefone Armor 5 run with Android 8 (Oreo) out of the box, the best and latest OS from Google. Hardware-wise, 4GB of RAM are packed inside to make sure everything runs smoothly and with memory to spare for app multitasking or to run demanding games. The CPU is the powerful MTK6763 2.0GHz Octa-Core, giving more than enough horsepower for all your needs. Also, a very big 5000mAh battery will guarantee a full day of usage without the need to recharge the smartphone.

Important to mention that although the Ulefone Armor 5 comes with 64GB of integrated storage, it also supports Micro-SD cards all the way up to 256GB extra of memory! That will come in handy when you start taking and saving pictures with the outstanding dual-camera in the back and the very powerful front camera!

Being a rugged smartphone, it is to be expected some extra features. Besides the obvious external armored look to keep the device protected,  the Ulefone Armor 5 is also prepared to resist to extremely high temperatures, as well as water-resistance, with IP68 protection grade level.

Wireless charging, finger and facial recognition and DUAL-SIM support are some more of the many features the Ulefone Armor 5 has on offer.


If you were always curious about buying a rugged smartphone but always found them to be not very appealing, the Ulefone Armor 5 is the rugged phone that will make you finally to get one! The first rugged phone with notch screen represents true innovation in its segment, with all the best features and specs from a powerful Android Smartphone and the best you could expect from a rugged one. Click the button below for more information and to check the amazing price!