Xiaomi’s technology has completely saturated every aspect of our lives, even for our health of teeth. Xiaomi SOOCAS / SOOCARE X3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush is a popular product that has many wonderful features and is receiving a lot positive reviews. Today, let’s have a close look at it.


Everybody loves beautiful and clean teeth. However, do you know that regular manual toothbrushes usually do not do such a well of a job as electric toothbrushes. We aren’t saying that using electric toothbrush is crucial to your dental health, but it will certainly clean your teeth more effectively than a regular manual toothbrush. This is why many dentists recommend to electric toothbrushes instead of regular toothbrushes. Xiaomi SOOCARE X3 offers you a smart way to clean your teeth. Not only it’s better in purifying the oral cavity from bacteria and food residues, but also it’s connected via Bluetooth to the SOOCARE App, which shows you the extent of oral hygiene and provides the reference for dental care.


The Xiaomi SOOCARE X3 is available in two colors: White and Black. The one showed here is the White edition. It comes in a white box which is printed the image of this electric toothbrush. And in the up-right conner, you can see the logo of SOOCAS (素士), a Xiaomi manufacturer. Inside the box, you can see the grip of the electric toothbrush along with two toothbrush head, one charging base (carry with a USB Cable), one user manual (in Chinese), and a quick start guide (in Chinese).

Xiaomi SOOCAS / SOOCARE X3 Sonic Electric   ToothbrushXiaomi SOOCAS / SOOCARE X3 Sonic Electric   ToothbrushXiaomi SOOCAS / SOOCARE X3 Sonic Electric   Toothbrush


The Xiaomi SOOCARE X3 electric toothbrush has a ‘Xiaomi Style’ design in white and with fine workmanship. It comes in a IPX7 waterproof body and well protected, so you don’t need to worry about to wet the brush or drop it in the sink. Moreover, its body is covered with several layers of composite material which not only offers excellent texture but also prevents the mildew appearance in a damp environment. On the grip of the SOOCARE X3, there is a mechanical power & mode switch there. Below the button are indicators of modes, bluetooth and power.

Xiaomi SOOCAS / SOOCARE X3 Sonic Electric   Toothbrush

This electric brush has four different modes that are based on different intensity and brushing time. The cleaning mode has a high vibration and helps clean dental plaque and other impurities. The sensitive mode is great for sensitive gums. The nursing/beginner mode is perfect for extremely sensitive teeth and gums and great for those who are just beginning using an electric toothbrush. With the high density brush head, it provides a high efficiency cleaning. Each package comes with a spare brush head. You can also order it separately on GearBest (Buy brush head).

Xiaomi SOOCAS / SOOCARE X3 Sonic Electric   ToothbrushXiaomi SOOCAS / SOOCARE X3 Sonic Electric   Toothbrush

The SCOOCARE X3 is powered by a built-in 1000 mAh battery which provides for up to 25 days of usage time in just 16 hours of charging. It is also easy to charge via the charging base.

Xiaomi SOOCAS / SOOCARE X3 Sonic Electric   Toothbrush

Moreover, via Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect the electric brush with your phone by Bluetooth. The APP will show you some information about your teeth, such as the cleaning degree, the residual electricity, the time for replacing brush head, and so on.


ManufacturerXiaomi SOOCAS
ModelSoocare X3
Dimensions274×28.6 mm
MaterialComposite material, DuPont Tynex
Waterproof rateIPX7
MotorMagnetic levitation acoustic wave motor
Vibrations per minute37200
Rated voltage3.7V
Rated power2W
Batteries typeLi-ion
Battery capacity1000 mAh
Charging time16 h
Working Time25 days
Wireless connectionsBluetooth 4.0
CompatibilityIOS 7.0, Android 4.3
ColorWhite / Black


Taking care of your teeth is just as important as taking care of your overall health. Xiaomi SOOCARE X3 is a high quality and smart electric toothbrush  that offers great care of your teeth. Now, you can grab it at $38.88 on GearBest! This special offer will be end in 3 days, so hurry up if you would like to get one.

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